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SHIELDSยฎ Designs offers a near unlimited amount of laser cutting and engraving products as well as graphics for products suchย as banners, decals, signage and more. With the combination of mediums, we can help you create a gift or award you can’t find anywhere else.

Our 5′ x 10′ CO2 laser means we can create large-scale products and large quantities, but we can also do the smallest of items.

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Yard Signs

Yard signs are a great and inexpensive way to honor your athlete, student, birthday, golf outings, sponsors, etc.


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Wood Pictures

Sizes can vary from 4″x 2″ to 48″x 96″. Submit your photo and make it a permanent and unique piece of art.


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Acrylic Pictures

Sizes can vary from 6″x4″ to 48″x96″. Submit your photo and turn your picture into a lasting memory.


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Sizes can vary from 2″x 2″ to 6″x6″ in wood or acrylic. Submit your photo and make a unique gift that will be enjoyed every year.


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3 weeks ago
Shields Designs

SingerHobbies had a great turnout for their first annual car show!! We provided the trophies - Singer Hobbies provided the photos. ... See MoreSee Less

SingerHobbies had a great turnout for their first annual car show!! We provided the trophies - Singer Hobbies provided the photos.Image attachmentImage attachment
1 month ago
Shields Designs

Mother daughter night out at the Martinsville Youth Center's Annual Dinner ... See MoreSee Less

Mother daughter night out at the Martinsville Youth Centers Annual Dinner

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Hope you guys had fun. You all look great! Hope Addy D had a fun birthday

Love it!!!๐Ÿฅฐ y’all look beautiful

3 months ago
Shields Designs

Ice cream at work! Yes please! Thank you Fundae's Ice Cream & Sweets ... See MoreSee Less

Ice cream at work! Yes please! Thank you Fundaes Ice Cream & Sweets
3 months ago
Shields Designs

Voting is live for the FedEx small business grant! We are asking for your HELP! Click the link below and enter your email to vote for SHIELDS!
(You can vote every day!)
A portion of the winnings will go towards upgrades that will create jobs here at SHIELDS and other employee perks.
Every vote counts, thank you in advance!
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4 months ago
Shields Designs

Monograms! Wood or acrylic - Custom options - Fast turnaround - Family-ran business in Indiana
Shop here - or contact us directly at / 1-765-913-8120 - Open Mon-Fri 9am-4:30pm EST
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Monograms! Wood or acrylic - Custom options - Fast turnaround - Family-ran business in Indiana
Shop here - or contact us directly at / 1-765-913-8120 - Open Mon-Fri 9am-4:30pm EST

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I love those!!

4 months ago
Shields Designs


We have been working on a project for the high school football locker room and need some help. We have accumulated a list of All-State / All-Star / All-American players from public record and from people we know. We know we are missing some names. Please help us get the best list possible so we can get this project going and honor these amazing athletes. Also, any PICTURES would be amazing! Thank you for everyone's help!

**Comment corrections/additions below or email / or text 765-913-8120

(1962) Steve Sadler - All-State
(1965) David Kinzler - All-State
(1969) Steve Elmore โ€“ South All-Star
(1972) Robin Schoolcraft โ€“ All-State / South All-Star
(1972) Myron โ€œMoโ€ Moriarity โ€“ South All-Star
(1973) John Taylor โ€“ All-State
(1974) Steve Long โ€“ All-State
(1974) Dan Rhoden โ€“ All-State / South All-Star / Parade All-American
(1974 & 1975) Mark Fishel โ€“ All-State / South All-Star
(1974) Jerry Sichting - All-State
(1975) Phil Harris โ€“ All-State
(1976) Ken Mask โ€“ All-State / South All-Star
(1977) Dave Bennett โ€“ All-State
(1977) Ed Lechner โ€“ All-State / South All-Star
(1978) Dennis Mills โ€“ South All-Star
(1978) Charlie Patton โ€“ All-State / South All-Star
(1978) Bob Payne โ€“ All-State
(1978) Merit Barnett - All-State
(1979) Matt Guinn โ€“ All-State
(1979) Mike Murphey โ€“ All-State / South All-Star
(1979 & 1980) Keith Anderson โ€“ All-State
(1980) Kipp Koontz โ€“ All-State
(1980) Mickey Naylor โ€“ All-State
(1980) John Winter โ€“ South All-Star
(1980) Steve Knieper - All-State
(1981) Marvin Ogden โ€“ All-State / South All-Star
(1981) Bradley Quakenbush - Top 33 / Adidas All-American
(1981) Steve Sheeks - All-State
(1981) Joe Siderewicz - All-State
(1981) Scott West โ€“ All-State / Top 30 / Adidas All-American
(1982 & 1983) Tom Adkins โ€“ All-State
(1982 & 1982) Rob Bancroft โ€“ All-Star
(1982 & 1983) Jerry Bertelsen โ€“ All-State / South All-Star
(1982 & 1983) Tom Ogden โ€“ All-State
(1982 & 1983) Jeff Ribley โ€“ All-State
(1982 & 1983) John Samuelson โ€“ All-State
(1983) David Ferris โ€“ All-State
(1983) Dave Bolin โ€“ All-State / South All-Star
(1983 & 1984) Brad Shields โ€“ All-State / South All-Star
(1984) Ron Zike โ€“ All-State
(1985) Austin Williams โ€“ All-State
(1986) Jimmy Oakley โ€“ All-State / Top 33 / South All-Star
(1986) Scott โ€œMuddyโ€ Rivers โ€“ All-State / Top 33
(1987) P.J. Vaught โ€“ All-State
(1989 & 1990) Bob Denton โ€“ South All-Star / All-State / Gatorade Player of the Year
(1991) Josh Griffin โ€“ All-State / South All-Star
(1991) Adam Ranard โ€“ All-State / Top 33
(1993) Shane Williams โ€“ All-State / Top 33 / South All-Star
(1993) Erik Smith โ€“ All-State
(1994) Wes Page โ€“ All-State / South All-Star
(1995) Josh Woody โ€“ All-State / South All-Star
(1992 โ€“ 1995) Earl Haniford โ€“ All-State / Top 33 / South All-Star / Parade All-American / Mr. Football
(1996) Israel Thompson โ€“ All-State / Top 50 / South All-Star / Mr. Football
(1996) Keenan Massey โ€“ All-State / Top 50
(1997) Craig Jarrett โ€“ All-State / South All-Star
(1998) Eddie Tillitz โ€“ All-State
(2000) Ryan Cook โ€“ All-State / South All-Star / National All-Star / Tremendous 25 / All-American Bowl
(2000) Justin Long โ€“ All-State / South All-Star
(2001) Erik Taylor โ€“ All-State
(2001) David Virgne โ€“ All-State
(2002) Jon-Erik Bennett โ€“ All-State
(2002) Dustin Huff โ€“ All-State
(2004) Dallas Hayden โ€“ All-State
(2009) Stephen Sciscoe โ€“ All-State / South All-Star
(2010) Michael Callon โ€“ South All-Star
(2010) Beau Shields โ€“ All-State
(2010) Hayden Northern โ€“ All-State
(2012 & 2013) Mason Kutruff โ€“ All-State / Top 50
(2013) Dallas Forler - All-State
(2014) Trey Deaton โ€“ All-State
(2014) John Zloty โ€“ All-State
(2014) Levi Knox โ€“ All-State
(2017) Riley Edgerton โ€“ All-State
(2018) Caleb Urban - All-State / All USA Indiana Team
(2018) Travis Griffey โ€“ All-State
(2019) Andy Myers - All-State / South All-Star

(1970-1999) William Siderewicz โ€“ Hall of Fame 1993 / 230-87 / 42 All-State Players / 7 Sectionals / 2 Regionals / 11 Conference Championships
... See MoreSee Less

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Artesian Tailgating please share

Don't see Jerry Sichting.

The 1972 IFCA South Indiana High School All-Star Football Team INDIANA HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL COACHES ASSOCIATION No. Name Pos. Height Weight High School 20 Robin Schoolcraft RB 5-10 175 Martinsville

Josh Ogden Tyler James either of you have a football picture of Marvin?

That’s all I have ๐Ÿ˜‚ I know there are more out there I just don’t have them

There used to be a picture of Marvin Ogden in a display case a West Middle School, I think

how about Robin Schoolcraft. Here is what I found.

My Name is spelled wrong, its Erik Taylor !!

Not to be a Debbie downer, but Jan 10, 2020 article in Reporter listed Meyers Honorable Mention all state. The 4A All state was the Mooresville Receiver Brayden Evans.

Don't know if this helps but its in the 1974 MHS yearbook

Devon Hogan

Brad have you tried the Shirley Burpo record book

John Taylor

I saved all of Hazel Ogden’s sports memorabilia. My husbands uncles. He’s a legend in our house and Tom Ogden as well. Not sure what year he graduated, but I have some pics as well.

Hey looks like this list has Jerry Sichting as All State in 1974. I didn't go through the whole list but there may be more. I can't believe this info isn't all in one place.

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